Saturday, October 18, 2008

Season to Season

October is one of my favorite months. The weather is mild,the sunshine is beautiful,especially when it hits the color of the autumn foliage.Today, we went for a country drive & we admired God's handy work. What a display the trees show. The last brilliant burst of color & life before the winter season comes in & the trees go into quiet hibernation. There are days in the next season that they will show another side of beauty. Each winter there is at least one ice storm & the trees will display beautiful glistening icicles,again showing unimaginable beauty.

I find myself admiring the trees for the fact that in whatever season they are in, they always find a way to display their inner beauty. I feel the same about Claire. No matter where she is or what is going on she always finds a way to shine her beauty. Her smile lights up the darkest season. I truly believe that is a gift of all special needs children. I believe God places these children in places they can show their beauty,no matter the season.

I cherish these days. I still have an "under-lying" anxiety since Claire's last episode. She has had a slight fever for 2 days now,& I suspect another UTI. We are keeping a close eye on her & will call the doctor first thing Monday morning.

I finally made the decision to be a full-time homemaker. I have mixed feelings on this. I know that I need to be home so I can give my full attention to my family,but I also had a "work" family that I am missing very much. I knew my season for being a nurse was coming to an end,but the experiences I have had & the friends I have made, will be part of my heart forever.I believe God used my nursing season to prepare me for what ever is ahead. It is just another step of faith to leave my nursing & move forward to where ever He is leading me. I trust Him completely.