Thursday, September 9, 2010

He Speaks at She Speaks

There were so many moments of feeling God's presence & love at the She Speaks conference I attended in July that I had to share one of the best.
The moment that will be tucked away in my heart forever is being witness to God in His full glory through Wendy Pope.

Wendy stopped dead in her tracks, dropped to her knees,right in the middle of the hotel hallway,to scoop up my daughter from her wheelchair and display the most heartfelt love & affection for a girl she had never met. God's love shined in her and this moment & I was truly blessed to be witness to such love! AMAZING!

Oh My,I know God loved this moment too and there were so many more that He orchestrated. For me another one with Wendy at the cross Sunday morning. I have never had a moment in prayer like the one I had with Wendy! It was me,Wendy & Jesus. AMAZING!

My heart will treasure these moments forever.

To experience more from that moment with Claire, see Wendy Pope's video blog (August 2 post) she explains it so much better,tears will flow!
Claire's story:http