Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Tot 2 teens are all tucked into bed,with visions of the county fair in their heads. Although ,the tot really doesn't understand the full excitement of the night before fair. The other 3 are in 4-H,and will toss & turn all night because they love this week. They have a cow & pig to show & sell. These "projects" started in the spring. This week is the big pay off for all the hard work they have in raising these animals.It is a very good experience for them.(Dad loves it too) I, on the other hand have other reasons for going to the county fair,none involve animals. All involve fair food,yum!

Last year at this time ,our baby was still in a fragile state. I only made it to the fair once. It was my first time away from her. I was nursing and remember seeing the dairy cows being hooked up to the big milk machines thinking "move over girls ,I'm next". Look at us now. Our baby is trying to crawl, not "toddle" like most 13 month olds. But ,she is going to be mobile in her own way. She is still working it all out. Spina bifida affects each child differently. We are still waiting to see how much lower body control she will have. So far, she can move her right leg,but has trouble with her left. We are also unsure of how much sensation she has. We have learned it is a "wait & see" kind of thing. Her latest trick is rolling over & over & over again. She is still working on pulling herself into a sitting position. She is so strong,has been from the very beginning.

Today sure was a sunny Sunday,in more ways the one. First the obvious,it was a beautiful sunny day. Secondly, we were a family,together,all day. It is hard to find days that we all can be together enjoying the same activities. Let me repeat that "enjoying" the same activities. We also have been trying to find a "new normal" & today was as normal as it gets. Thank you God,for giving us this sunny Sunday,it was the best.Hopefully ,there were others who felt the warmth of the sun today,in more ways than one.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Reason for Blogging

I guess I've decided to" go where no man has gone before" at least in our family. I am the first to have an official blog! Well, I have been writing on Carepages,telling about the birth of our youngest daughter,but that was for family & friends. I feel this is the "big time"

I love to journal,mainly because it helps me deal with this crazy ride of life! I have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions since Feb. '07. My husband & I were excitedly waiting to see if we were expecting a boy or girl to be the latest addition to our family. We had experienced ultrasound technology 3 times,but never found out the sex of our baby until delivery day. We always enjoyed the surprise. But, this pregnancy was a surprise right from the start. I did not have a clue I was pregnant. More clues pointed to having some grave illness,or so I thought! The unexpected news of our family growing to 6,quickly sunk in & we all were very excited to find out if our team would end up even. We needed a baby sister to make the count 3 & 3.

The ultrasound not only confirmed our even team,it showed more information than we ever bargained for. We were having a beautiful baby girl,but she had severe hydrocephalus & spina bifida.( a neural tube defect affecting the spine & causing fluid in the brain) ....the roller coaster ride began!

We would not change a thing today. Our miracle is 13 months old & much to the surprise of doctors she not only survived birth,she has a thriving life.She completes our family in a way we would have never dreamed.

This blog will be a place for me to write about our family from "tot 2 teens" & share our blessings with any one willing to listen. Our baby is special & she has a special light that shines on everyone around her. I want to share that light with the world! I thought this was a good place to start.