Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Captive Life

Claire had a seizure on Saturday that required an ER trip. She is better today,but I usually require a couple of days to recover mentally. I find God whispering to my heart through others, helping me see the light.

For example today as I was listening to a vlog speaking of captivity, I knew that Claire's seizures are a form of this. I don't think God is allowing these seizures as a consequence of sin,but He is definitely teaching me through this time of uncertainty.

 I feel a sort of isolation when we have to go through such times. I wonder when we will live normal lives again? Then I hear the whispers,I will use times such as this,I trust you with a time such as this,to accomplish My(God's) purpose!

I am honored that God has chosen our family for His purpose,even in the scariest times of Claire having a seizure! God appointed isolation is a gift that I need to be obedient in opening carefully.

Dear God,

I praise you for speaking to me during this time of isolation. I praise you for choosing me to be in this time and that you are using this for your purpose. Thank you for showing me joy in this time.Thank you for Wendy, for the vlog and all in this study!  (http://wendypope.blogspot.com/2010/08/appointed-isolation.html) Your grace amazes me! In Jesus Name, Amen

God Bless you all, Love Tina

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