Sunday, August 16, 2009


What Encourages You?
A question asked by the girls at (In)Courage, an awesome new site for women to come together for inspiration and encouragement.

My answer to the above question is simple: God’s Love!
But, that simple answer isn’t always simple for me to grasp. I have to remind myself often of that amazing truth. No matter the storm I am weathering, I can always find comfort and shelter in His loving arms. There is no better encouragement! He shows His love in so many ways in my life. If you read through this blog, or visit our daughter’s carepage:
You will see just how great our God is. Our lives have been truly blessed with a miracle. I also have the light in the eyes of my 4 children, to remind me of His amazing love.

What Encourages You?

PS. I am new to this Blogging, so please be patient with this site & patient with me, a not so computer savvy girl :) I just like to write!

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Mariel said...

this is great! God's love...there is certainly nothing like it!! It is my inspiration every time! He is SO much better than He has to be!!