Sunday, August 16, 2009

Carepage Posting

Sorry I missed posting in July,but the only net I have right now is dial-up...need I say more? I am going to try to TWITTER,if anyone knows what that is or how to "tweet" I'm "omgmom",it is just a quicker way to follow our crazy lives!
Any how, Claire is doing great. We took another trip to the Shriner's Hospital & it did not disappoint. We learn so much every time we go. It is just such a good experience. They are specialized in pediatric orthopedics & they know their stuff! She will be getting her own wheelchair some time in the next couple of months. This was quite a process to find the perfect chair for her, mainly because insurance will only pay for one wheelchair every 5 years,so this one has to last! That is why we went to Shriner's for the wheelchair fitting,because they know what she needs. She was also evaluated for Occupational Therapy at Shriner's & the therapist concluded that she did not need Occupational Therapy!WOW,that was great news!She has come such a long way...Now remember...once upon a time we were told she had only brain stem function?? The miracle God has worked in our lives just keeps growing & growing! HE IS AWESOME!
And on that note... I still have to question His plan from time to time. How could I have such a huge miracle happen to me & still have the nerve to question??Questions on the death of children & young loved ones,questions on suffering & sickness & the evil things in this world? The only small answer I can find is, I will never know why or how God works? I am not supposed to have answers to all my questions.He Is God! I won't go into the details of how my mind works,but lets just say,MY MIND IS FULL! I have been having lots of questions as to how & why God does things. I have never questioned why Claire has to have a disability,but I have found myself questioning why she also has to suffer from these seizures on top of everything else? And not just a typical seizure,but why so life-threatening?? I can only live the life He has blessed us with & live it well! I can try to empty my mind of all the questions & fill my mind with all of God & His love!Make myself focus on all He has done & not all the "what if's". Like I said MY MIND IS FULL, but I know He can lift me out of the fog & open my eyes to all the good in this life & how much better the next life with Jesus walking by my side will be.JUST IMAGINE!
Alright,I hope you all don't think I'm rattling on too much,but you know how my writing things down help my mind! Thanks for listening.I hope some of you are brave enough to try TWITTER! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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