Monday, April 13, 2009

What's Wrong With Me?

I find myself asking this question often. I used to have pretty good social skills,especially when I was in high school. Do you loose social skills as you age? Or do you just loose the ability to give a darn? I've been told that I should just keep my mouth shut.(my 13 year old has been criticising my Easter day conversations) Apparently, I have a tendency to speak my mind when really no one wants to hear it. I speak the truth & sometimes I don't do it nicely. I talk before I think. I have been trying to have more Christ-like characteristics,but it seems the closer I get to better characteristics,the further I have to fall.

This is an area that I will continue to work on. I think my recent way of conversation is due to the fact that when you have a child with medical problems, you become part of a world that speaks the truth harshly,even when you don't want to hear it. There is always an arrogant doctor to deal with, or a rude receptionist & the worst is an insurance adjuster! I have to have good strong shoulders to deal with all the attitude. Lately,it has been an argument over insurance paying,or I should say not paying for things. All just part of the territory,but I think it explains the recent change in my social skills. So, let me apologize to any one who has been or will be offended by my harshness,I will try to do better & be nicer :)

Any how, now that is off my chest....Our Easter was great!! Claire had been sick for a couple of weeks with a bad virus. We all have been passing around sinus congestion,cough & fever. But, Claire was healthy for Easter,YAY. I have posted a few new pics, you will see how fast she is growing. Our Early Intervention team came & tested her last week. She is right on track in the social/emotional area. That is not a surprise! There are other areas she is behind in,one being speech. I think she is doing pretty well,but when compared to others she is behind. One way to help out in this area is enrolling her in a play group. She seems too little to me to be in a class,but if it will help her then I guess we should do it.

We have missed physical therapy for couple of weeks now,hopefully Claire will be able to go this week. I can really see a difference when she misses it. She needs to keep working out her legs,or they get sluggish. We also need to focus on getting her standing. She is not doing much standing & if she does,it is more of a balancing act. This is not good,because she needs to have her bones develop properly by standing properly.SOOOO,she needs a piece of equipment called a stander. We want one that is mobile. The best way explain it is: it is like a wheelchair,except she is standing up in it. The reason we don't have one,is because our insurance will not pay for it!

I will be calling our insurance company later to try to understand the reasoning for this. So, I will need prayer to find those Christ-like characteristics that seem to be eluding me lately.

I think I have done enough venting for today...thanks for listening. Thanks for the continued prayers, Claire is thriving because of them. I hope everyone had a good Easter & remember,He died so we could live. Praise God! Love to all, Tina

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