Friday, April 3, 2009

Catching Up

I fell behind maintaining this blog,but I did post on the carepage,soo here you go...
Rainbow Weekend
Posted Dec 9, 2008 11:19pm
I thought I should give a quick update on our Claire bear. She had another seizure Saturday morning. It was a definite fixed stare,her body was a little rigid,no convulsing,but she threw up. Then she started the same breathing difficulty as before. It seems like she forgets how to breathe. She did not need rescue breaths given, until the ambulance arrived. We were transported to our local hospital & from there to the Rainbow. We were discharged Tuesday morning. She again had an underlying urinary tract infection. So, her seizure medication dosage was increased & an antibiotic started. Otherwise,all other testing was normal for her. She is sleeping like a baby now,& I am not far behind. It is just amazing to me how strong this little girl really is. 4 hours after the seizure she was her normal smiling self. Every person that seen her over the weekend commented on her happiness. I guess God needed her to spread a little sunshine to the Rainbow & that is exactly what she did.Well, I am headed to bed my eyes are puffy little slits,not a pretty picture. Singing praises to our gracious God for His continued blessings & giving us so much! Love to all,Tina

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